That One Song


Music. It is one of those universal forces that can evoke a variety of emotions and memories in all of us.  It doesn’t discriminate on race, religion, gender, height, weight, build, or whether you can burp the alphabet or not (don’t try that at home, it doesn’t end well).

We all have that one song that when we hear it we go somewhere amazing. It takes you to your happy place, or becomes a melodic time machine and transports you to a particularly awesome time and place.

I have a number of songs that I can name, however, the big one is the song that changed my life forever! When I was 10 years old my brother brought home Rattle and Hum by U2, and when I heard the live version of Bullet the Blue Sky and the noises that The Edge was getting out of his guitar – my mind was officially blown. From that day forward I knew that I was going to play guitar until my dying breath. Before that moment I was just a normal kid. Five minutes and thirty seven seconds later I became awesome.

What is your song? What is that one song that helped to define who you are today?

Rock on.

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