Badass Book Club

I like to alliterate. It’s kind of a thing we do in this house. When my daughter was five she was reading and said to a fellow reception, ‘Aunt Annie’s Alligator, hey that alliterates!’ That was the day that I realised that while I had prepared her for the life of a word nerd I hadn’t prepared her for the blank stares that sometimes follow such word nerdery.

So when I was thinking for a name for the book club I wanted it to alliterate because what the hell else could I do? Use just any old word? Don’t be crazy. So here we are, Badass Book Club. I don’t purport to be a badass but I’m hoping maybe some of you are to make up for my lack thereof. If not then maybe some of the books we read will be.

Welcome to our first official book. Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman (who I think is absolutely badass, ticked that box early!).


According to the blurb there are streets under London filled with “monsters and saints, murderers and angels, and pale girls in black velvet.” I’m a fan of this genre so I thought I’d start somewhere a little familiar but we are by no means staying with this genre throughout. Every month I’m looking for suggestions from you guys and we’ll pick one and go with it. I’m looking forward to being taken out of my comfort zone.

Keep an eye out on Tuesday the 15th of September, I’ll post a blog about what I thought of the book then at 8pm ACST pour yourself a glass of wine or make a pot of tea, put your feet up and take to facebook where we can have a chat about what you thought and we can get all book clubby and shit. Can’t wait. Hope you can join me.


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